Jumat, 11 Juni 2010


kotakhitam forum is committed to focus on the Indonesian identity with all of its cultural diversity and act as a learning place of the marginal-class by providing opportunities and stimulating creative ideas that reflects practical and sustainable applications in their community.

kotakhitam forum will publish audio-visual programs and documentations to provide alternative cultural and historical perspectives to the wider public to stimulate the common public to be personally critical and to question the dynamics of social problems/inequality around them.

In short, kotakhitam forum has a vision to be a creative and alternative medium that realizes its visions through the creation of audio-visual work, as an education medium to the general public and also as an invitation to realize the importance of creative work as a part of a cultural movement.
kotakhitam forum will invoke the public’s rediscovery of the ever-diverse Indonesian culture through researched based motion-picture documentaries as an act of critical education by holding periodical activities consisting of Education Programs (discussion workshops, media research) and Production Programs (production of motion-picture documentaries) to achieve its goals, vision, and mission.


1.Kotak Botjah
A program providing tutors to children under 17 from both urban and rural environments to express themselves freely in art through the audio-visual medium. It is aimed not to assist children merely with materialistic facilities, but more importantly to assist in providing space of total freedom for a child’s creativity and imagination that is lacking in today’s formal education.

Shout! is a facilitative medium of literacy and “problem-facing” education by allowing women participants to be critical of any discrimination; and substantially be able to talk for themselves in more meaningful forums. The Shout! program will be arranged in active-participatory setting to allow the realization of its vision and mission of equality for women.

Caping is a local cultural management educational program that is focused on farmers’ empowerment and advocation based on video- community. It is allowing them to have a medium to be critical of their rights and consider of their bargaining position. Moreover, by sharing their own creative works, they can evaluate the wider network between farmers.

As a continuation of the previously mentioned programs, Through the Lens will be a bridge between what has been achieved and the general public, to provide new perspectives of what the marginal-class can achieve.
The background is driven from the fact that currently strong social documentaries are often not given the chance to be exposed, appreciated and enjoyed by the general public. Then kotakhitam_forum wants to realize creativity through the audio-visual medium by digging the potential of the freedom of creative work. Additionally, participation in discussions and workshops is viewed as another avenue to share the stories within the produced documentaries with the general public.

Organizational Structure
A. Dananjaya Chairman
Kartika Pratiwi Managing Director
Yanuarius Viodeogo Seno Head of Creative Department
Khrisdemon Sallata Head of Documentaries Production